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Kid City at Home

At Fort City Church we love teaching our kids about Jesus in fun, creative, and relevant ways.

While we are not meeting physically with our children, we would love to connect with you and your family. We'd love to welcome your kids into Kid City and serve you while you learn about Jesus with your kids.

We've got fresh new Kid City videos for this week!

Parents, you can be the spiritual hero of your family! Here are some suggestions for Kid City at Home:

1. Talk often with your kids about the message of Jesus. Love God, love others.

2. Pray for your kids. Set aside a few minutes of everyday praying for your kids.

3. Encourage your kids to pray on their own. Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated.

Meet our Kids Director

Shauna Jenkins joined the Fort City staff team in 2019 as the Children’s and Family Director.

"At Fort City, we want your kids to have an awesome time learning about Jesus in a safe and fun environment.” - Shauna Jenkins, Children’s and Family Director

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning Kid City, simply fill out the form!