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When light is born in darkness | Advent Sundays 9:30 & 11:15am | Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

What happens when light enters the darkness? Here in Fort McMurray, we know the answer better than most. We’ve got some of the coldest and darkest days during Christmas time, but up against the darkness, our lights shine brightly. Christmas lights of joy light up our dark streets from 4pm to 9am. Christmas trees with white lights in our living rooms remind us that hope isn’t far away. Our hands might be cold, but our hearts are warm and full of a loving light that illuminates the way for others.

Our joy, hope, and love are gifts from a God who loves us, who chose to bring his light into a dark world.

Christmas at Fort City is all about celebrating the birth of the light of the world, Jesus.

We are excited to welcome you, your family, and friends to Christmas at Fort City.

Advent Sundays

In-person Services

Kid City: Open for Nursery to Grade 7

Sundays at 9:30AM | 11:15AM

Registration is required, opens Thursdays at 1PM.

Online Services

Sundays at 9:30AM

Streamed to Facebook and YouTube.

Christmas Eve at Fort City

In-person Services

December 24 at 1PM | 3PM | 5PM

Registration is required and opens Thursday, December 16 at 1PM.

Online Service

December 24 at 7PM

Streamed to Facebook and YouTube.

Available on-demand after the service ends.

Christmas Eve Service Special Offering - More information to come.

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