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We all have past wounds. These wounds can limit us, affect our behaviour, and negatively affect our thoughts. But there is hope. Soul care teaches 7 Biblical principles for healing the soul so that you can live in the confidence, authority, and peace of Jesus.

Soul Care Class

Join us for 6 weeks starting September 8, Wednesday at 6:30pm in the church modular.

Soul Care is one of two seasonal classes we offer. If you are a new Christian, we suggest you take the Starting Point class before jumping into Soul Care. Questions? Email

Soul Care Conference

october 21-23, 2021

Soul Care Equipping Conference is a 3-day workshop (Thursday - Saturday) to help you grow in your faith journey.

Soul Care explores 7 principles Jesus teaches in the Bible, including identity, repentance, family sin patterns, forgiveness, healing inner wounds, overcoming fear, and breaking free. Through these tools, we can find lasting life change and a healthier soul, all because of Jesus.

Speakers: Doug and Teri Balzer